Saturday, August 30, 2003

UCLA sucks

Ahhh. . . college football season has begun, and there's good reason for me to stay indoors and stitch. I really can't wait until next Sunday, when I will have an excuse to sit in front of the television all day watching football. USC played a very good game today, and I got all the colors except for ecru completed on the magnolia and the stems completely backstitched. If only there were a full day of football tomorrow, I'd get it done. Inevitably, I will be dragged outside this holiday weekend to enjoy the sun and the surf. I will be finished this square of the afghan early, which is pleasing even if it is one of the smaller flowers.

I'm trying to figure out what to do about next weekend. My parents will be here for the last meet of Del Mar, and we're heading down. The drive should give me several good stitching hours (round trip), but my mother will be there, and this is a gift for her. I guess I could leave it in the trunk (properly wrapped, of course) and bring a secondary project to throw her off.

Good sale at Jo-Ann's this weekend. I got lots of stuff, none for cross-stitch. Several hanks of chenille for Stephanie's scarf, some fleece for a scarf for me, several patterns, and some cute cotton to make pajama pants for myself. Oh, wait: I did get some needles--24s for the current project. I've been stitching with the old needle for too long, and my acidic? skin has taken off the plating. I wash my hands at least once an hour, but I am genetically disposed to ruin needles. Don't even buy me gold ones, I go right through them.

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