Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Not the Heat, It's the Humidity

I've spent the last half hour trying to find a truly-free royalty-free clip art or photo of a puddle. Because the dude has officially melted. He is of hearty (Northern English) winter stock; he wilts in the sun. (You would have thought 13 1/2 years in L.A. would have cured him.) He had about half a gallon of water when he got home, but he was still dehydrated so I went out for some Gatorade. Somehow this seamed funnier in my head where I had a little puddle illustration and could caption it "Beware, don't step in the Dude."

The heat brought out the best of my old ladies, however. One of them told us how her kids have been calling this week and saying to drink water, concluding their conversations by telling her, "I'm checking in on the elderly." (Does your municipality ask you to check in on the elderly?)

But Josephine--remember Josephine, she of the naked "rump" story?--the heat must have gotten to her because she was on fire. One woman was telling us about her son who is getting married after 10 years with his girlfriend. Josephine said she wouldn't get married if she were a young person today. "I'd have my fun, and then tell him, 'Get out.'" She was going on and on. Then her husband shows up unshaven, wearing dirty khakis and a raggedy t-shirt. "See?" she says. "If I didn't have this," pointing to her ring, "I wouldn't go home with him." Then she told him he wasn't going to Macy's looking like that. I about died laughing.

I worked on my Shepherd's Bush Blue Snowman, continuing to think cold thoughts. From stitching I went to lunch with a friend and then I was supposed to see the dentist. My appointment was rescheduled because the hygienist took ill. But I was really pleased. I found this great, cool, easy-breezy dress at Costco for $20. I've worn it three days running because of the temperature. It was begging to be washed (shortly before it walked itself to the washing machine). I needed more, and I didn't know when I was going fit in the trip. (I hate going there on the weekends.) But I am now the proud owner of three: the original blue, a new pink, and a black that is slightly different. I am planning on wearing them in sequence until December.


Adrienne Martini said...

What do these magical dresses look like?

Peggy Lee said...

Oh yes, please share!

doris said...

I'm with the Dude! Each year my "melting point" drops a few degrees. Your stories about Josephine remind me of my grandma who was quite a card. I intend to grow up and be like them.

Anonymous said...

I'm from the south so this is just plain old summer to me, however I do feel sorry for my northern friends who are getting temps as hot or even hotter - and are having a hard time handling it. I hope the weather breaks and the dude gets some relief!

Mouse said...

I love the melting scene and well done on working on your snowman and oooo do show said dresses :) love mouse xxxx

riona said...

I have been told, by friends and relations who have been observing my wardrobe purchasing habits lately, that a classic sign of becoming an old lady is:
when you find a comfortable garment, you buy it in every color available.

The theory seems to be that as we age, we value comfort over variety and no longer mind appearing in the "same" clothing repeatedly.

Now, I know you are a youngster ... but have you heard of osmosis?

mainely stitching said...

Did you make a spelling error? I fell right off my chair in shock.

But on to the weather - if I could find a dress that did not make me look like an unfolded tent, I would wear it every day. I'm with the Dude - this weather does not agree with my Scottish/English roots. Mother Nature trying to summon up the energy to rain (and we really need it) but so far she's only managed to squeeze out a few random droplets.

Sherry :o) said...

Don't you just love stitching with fun people? It always leaves me with a lots of laughing memories and sometimes a sore face from smiling non-stop. I have a group I hang with - there are 13 or 14 of us and it's always fun no matter which combination of us (or when all) are together.

I will have to check my Costco...I love things I can buy in various colors that are comfortable!

I totally agree too - it is the humidity - and I am a snow gal!

Shelleen said...

I should go look for some comfy summer dresses. I am like the dude in this heat and love the story about the old lady and her husband haha.

Rachel said...

If the dress has beads on the front, I think I know which ones you speak of. I picked up a pink one and was strongly thinking of getting another before they vanish.

My boys think they look like pj's but they are comfy!

Sorry its so hot - in PacNW we are still in the 70's (with some hrs that dip in the 80's) Very cool summer so far.