Monday, October 20, 2014

I Made it Monday--The Masquerade Edition

This past weekend was my library's masquerade gala and silent auction. You've heard me complain enough about running the silent auction to know that I ran it again this year. I did have a lot of help, but somehow we ended up with fewer items and thus, lower returns. We did well, and I know the librarian who runs the homebound book delivery program will be happy with the money. And it's all profit since everything was donated. I guess I just want to do better year after year.

Anyway, I was left with the conundrum of how to wear a mask that would work with make-up and not obscure my vision too much. (You should watch people wearing masks try to drink out of a glass; you don't realize how important the ability to look down is to drinking!)

First, I want to apologize for not taking the picture before this project ended up at the bottom of a bag! The legs were a little wonky by the end of the night. These are a Martha Stewart design, and the project couldn't have been easier. You trace the spiderweb onto the glasses with white paint pen. (And the next time I do this, I will keep the orientation the same between lenses, although the cock-eyed look may add something special!) Then you hot glue chenille stems that you have trimmed at the ends. Eh, voila!

If your eyes are over 40, and you find you need a lot of extra light to see, you will find this mask a little dark, especially in the dim light of a gala. (Plus, those are not my prescription lenses for obvious reasons.) But putting them on and taking them off was easy (just ask the people who had masks tied to their heads) and it didn't mess with my hair or makeup. Altogether I think the project ran about $3--and you should see how much white paint and how many chenille stems I have left over.

The committee is thinking about The Great Gatsby as a theme for next year, which seems appropriate for a library. (I don't know why they haven't been doing book themes for years!) What other book themes could we do?


Nina said...

Love the look!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Love the glasses!

A good theme for the Library would be Famous Literary couples. Each person is allocated one half of a couple, has to dress as them and find their "other half". They could be mixed (Romeo and Juliet) or same gender (Sherlock Holmes and Watson) depending on the male/female/cross dressing ratio of the group!

Linda said...

Love the mask Nikki. Ya know, as I was reading this post about your silent auction. I had a thought. I love to crochet lapghans and afghans. I thought maybe I could crochet one and send it for your silent auction. Let me know what you think.


C in DC said...

Any period drama would work well as a book theme, I would think. Something like the Age of Innocence.

Melody said...

I love the mask! Very creative. I like Jo's idea of literary couples. That could be fun.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Love your glasses/mask!