Monday, September 08, 2008

Is it Just Me?

Is it just me or does this pumpkin look post-orgasmic? And not in a good way. It's kind of creepy.

Speaking of post orgasmic, I had a pretty fabulous weekend because the dude finally relented and we have NFL Sunday Ticket and now I can watch the game I want to watch! Baby! Of course, now the game I want to watch is prolly not going to be the Patriots, with Brady's unfortunate injury.

And continuing on the orgasm theme, we had a wedding to go to this weekend. The rain, combined with the Manayunk Soap Box Race, made us so late we missed the ceremony. The reception didn't start until 5:00 (ceremony at 2:00) so we sat in the car at the reception site (a boathouse, no bar until they set one up) reading the atlas. Yeah, we're dorks. There were only a handful of parking spaces, and I didn't want to lose our primo space. The reception was okay. A woman at our table insisted on talking politics, kept saying, "We shouldn't be talking politics, but explain to me..." It cast a pall on the table. It was awful. I wanted to bitchslap her, and nearly told her to look for her answers at the bottom of another Cosmo. We ended up leaving pretty early. But I looked really cute and had the sexiest shoes! (Isn't that what's important?)

I have a question. I am trying to find patterns that were published in JCS. They are "Winter" and "Spring" )a nine patch of sorts in bright colors) done by the sisters formerly known as Sisters and Best Friends. Summer was in Aug 2008 and Fall was in October 2007. I just want to confirm what issues the other two are in before I buy them. Thanks!

Edited to add: The pattern is from Val's Stuff--and she usually has cute stuff.


Annemarie said...

Sorry, I can't tell you which JCS issues to buy, but I can say that you're right about the pumpkin. Is it of your own making, by the way? Just curious...

Kendra said...

Spring was in March/April of 2008, and Winter hasn't been published yet. In the write-up for the Summer design, it said it was the 3rd one of the series. I don't if Winter will be in the Nov/Dec 2008 issue or if they'll push it into Jan/Feb 2009.

Coral said...

Post orgasmic pumpkin - he he he!!

But yes you are right!

Jennifer said...

Luckily the wedding we went to this weekend was on Friday afternoon. I felt terrible for the couples getting married on Saturday - it was just awful.

Wendy said...

Sorry the wedding reception was such a dud. Its tricky trying to place people at the tables, as I am learning from first-hand experience. But I think politics is a huge 'no-no' in any social situation.

I'll check my issues of JCS to see if I can find those designs.

Anonymous said...

Well, now that you mention it, the title of the piece does sort of go along with the expression on the pumpkin's face.


Anonymous said...

I'll look for the JCS issues you mentioned at home and send them to you if I can find them. Give me a day before you buy them.

I've reserved my ornament issue at Heartland Needleworks but haven't gotten it yet.


Eileen said...

I am working on the Herb Gatherer. I read that you have finished the Toy Gatherer. Did you order the special matte for the framing? I would love to see pictures of it when it is finished, it would inspire me to stitch on mine. Great blog, love your humor.

Donna said...

Maybe he just had too much pumpkin spiced wine? He looks a bit tipsy to me.

And sexy or cute shoes can make any occasion much more bearable.

As for NFL Sunday Ticket. I'm happy to have convinced my hubby not to order it this year. Last year so many of the Pats games were nationally televised that it totally wasn't worth it. Besides, you know me, I like baseball much more than football.

Barbara said...

I have never been to a wedding that made me think of orgasms. I've yearned for coffee in most of them. What does this say about me?

That pumpkin looks to me like it smoked some wacky weed that was laced with something unfortunate. I cannot think of pumpkins and sex together. LOL!

Anonymous said...

The Patriots are in San Diego while I'm there next month. So far, I am not able to get tickets. When I called they said you have to buy a three game package if you want to go to that game. Maybe as time gets closer they'll release some single game tickets.


Michelle said...

Fall Oct 07
Spring April 08
Summer Aug 08
Haven't seen Winter yet...hope that helps!

Michelle said...

You cannot make a statement like "I had the sexiest shoes" and then not share a photo. Must see! I usually refrain from any discussion of politics, particularly at an event that includes alcohol. What a downer to be at that table though!