Sunday, December 16, 2007

Decisions, decisions

My dining room is a color called "Fragrant Clove." (Now, it even smells like cloves.) When I saw these napkins, I thought they'd be a great color combo for my Boxing Day dinner party. (The napkin looks red, but it's orange.)

So I've dressed up my chandelier and created a centerpiece, seen here:

Isn't that purple candle perfect? $3.00 (three) at Home Goods. I love that place. I have a couple of dilemmas. First, that table runner is about 4 inches shy of the table ends and it has tassels, which I think should hang off the table. (It was cheap--Home Goods. Okay, really I forgot to measure the table before I went shopping.) I could take out the leaf--we're not eating at the table (fourteen of us are never fitting in there), but is it enough room for the buffet? Or I could try to find another, but that copper color is perfect. (And it has chenille squiggles. What's not to love?)

The other problem is that I put my handmade ornament tree in that room, and I think it's the wrong feel. Even with the gold tree skirt.

I could move the tree to the study, but then, who'd see it?

Today, I painted the patches in the hall and around the door. I decided not to paint the front door--It does need another coat, but I think it can wait. And I primed the bathroom. I know the dude is going to help with that when he gets back because we can't shower upstairs until we finish painting and hang the new blind. Though the downstairs shower has superior water pressure, it's a long walk in the morning. ;)


Anonymous said...

Anna, do you have a simple white tablecloth or a gold one? If so could you place the white one down and then put the purple table runner on top of the white one, width way instead of length way?

I love the tee. I think you should defenitly place it in a room where everyone can admire it.


Barbara said...

Interior decorating (or exterior decorating, if you want the truth) has never been a strong point of mine, but I think the way you have it now looks great! I'd be thrilled if my home looked that together!

Anna van Schurman said...

Barbara, the "secret" is that I don't have kids.

I was telling my dilemma about the tree to Sissy and my cousin and they stared at me totally blankly and I realized I'm having a Martha moment. She might think I need to coordinate, but it'll be fine.