Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Well that was 5 hours wasted

The plan, of course, was to knit the poncho the whole way to Charlotte and then up to Manchester. I'm supposed to have 78 stitches, but I've got 76 no matter how often I count it. I've taken out a whole skein's worth of stitches. I used to have 12" of poncho, now I'm down to about 5 and still I have only 76 stitches. I know I had 78 at one time (I counted the cast on row). What I can't understand is how I managed to work in the pattern with only 76 for so long. I only have today to knit, because sissy arrives in Amherst, NH (for Joyce) tonight. And I still haven't found the missing stitches. I've got to get this done! I have to work on the rrs when I get back to L.A. (I have a week's vacation when we get back and I need to spend it stitching, not knitting! Is this a refrain? I'm pretty sure it is.)

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