Sunday, March 06, 2016

Funfold Sunday: Origami Frame Fold

I have come up with a lot of dorky ideas in my time, but Funfold Sunday may be the biggest loser. On Sundays, I will use a new folding technique for making a card--if you don't now how much I fall in love with folds, ask my stamping friends how many of these cards I made in 2013.

This fold gets listed a couple of different ways--shadow box frame, origami frame, origami shadow box frame--okay it's mostly only those, but try googling "shadow box frame." You'll be hard pressed to find a card among the results.

Link to a video using a scoring device.

If you think you can fold pretty well on your own.

This fold adds dimension to your card--though I am not really sure you can tell with these examples. And you can really change it up depending on the double sided paper and the stamp you use in the center of the frame.


Robin in Virginia said...

Great looking cards!

KimM said...

Interesting post...and love the look of these folds.

Linda said...

Great cards Nikki.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely cards and a nice technique too.

Amy said...

Oh, how cool! Thank you for sharing!

Bea said...

Looking good.