Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Christmas in July...The Wish

June Goals
  • Small SAL --I started this when I was on our trip to the Hudson Valley but really messed up. I cut the fabric to stitch over one, and our "gloomy room of doom" was not conducive to over-one stitching.
  • Anniversary project (due July in Pennsylvania)--I did make some progress, but I seem to have lost a skein of Anchor, which is hard to find around these parts.
  • Thistle (due August in England)--did not stitch on this at all
July Goals
Usually I have a "Christmas in July" theme to my stitching, but I have got to get those projects done from last month.
  • Small SAL
  • Anniversary project 
  • Thistle 
You know what I did do? I found a housekeeper. 


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I have some Anchor if you can't find the skein you need. I haven't got all the colours but have a fair few.

Envious of the housekeeper acquisition too!

Beth said...

Hey you both work full time - a housekeeper in allows you to have a bit of non-work "Me Time".

MelissaD said...

We "splurged" a while back and hired a gardener - with several acres we found ourselves spending entire weekends just mowing and pruning with no time for projects or anything else.
So good news on the housekeeper!
Some months just don't see a lot of stitching done - you'll get it though!