Saturday, January 18, 2014

Denim Vest

I am definitely stuck in the past when it comes to popular culture. We pretty much stopped watching television in the nineties, when I stopped listening to new music as well. I think I pretty much stopped being cool in 1997. But whenever I hear the word "denim," I think of this:

Recently, one of my oldest and dearest friends asked me if I had any recommendations for how to recycle denim. And while I think a denim vest (with snaps!) might be one option, I was able to find many cuter ones on a trip around the internet.

  • Betz White is a mistress of upcycling and she made an adorable denim apron
  • OMG this is a cute one: denim whale plushie
  • And while we're on the topic of stuffies, stripey penguin. This link doesn’t have the pattern, but rather a link to the pattern. The original pattern maker didn't use denim; you have to see the one made with denim which I think is cuter. 
  • You can make placemats for the kitchen.
  • And your kid can have a coordinated denim bibs
  • Quilts are always an option, whether they are Modern...
  • Patchwork...
  • or Rag
  • If you made a promise to get organized in the new year, you might use this basket
  • or this organizer
  • This pattern is no longer available, but the photo lives on as a pinterest pin, and it's cute.
  • Sometimes you get a hole in the thigh, and then you can remake your jeans into a skirt, like this one with the insert
  • Or a Flirty skirt
  • Cute tote
I hope this inspires those of you who have been saving worn denim (funny, I actually have) to make something fun. If you've come across a project or have other ideas, leave them in the comments, please!


Thoeria said...
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Christine said...

Thank you for these, I've pinned loads of them. I've made oven gloves from old jeans before, her is a link to my blog post about it:-

Thoeria said...

Actually never though of using denims for stuff.....I'm a pretty useless sewist....which probably explains why :D

Coral said...

I have loads of denim, awaiting the cutter. One day!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great ideas! Love the penguin and the pocket organiser. Also the way she says "I had a burlap sack lying around" like we all do!

I do have a large amount of small boy jeans with holes in the knees because of course I will make something with them one day...

Lelia said...

I have some worn denim. I was hoping to make a cover for my sewing machine.

Anna van Schurman said...

Christine is at it again. Click.