Friday, March 15, 2013

Why a Craft Every Day?

When I set out to make a craft every day during the month of March last year, I never really explained myself. I'm not sure I can explain this even today. Definitely a celebration of craft month. Maybe all those blogs where people do something every day for a year and end up writing books (New Dress a Day) inspired me? Certainly, I wanted to see if I could. I must have needed a bit of a challenge. But perhaps somewhere deep down it was a response to all those people who are so busy they don't have tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime to do things like you do. If I could find time every day, surely they could find a moment or two.

In this iteration of the craft-a-day, I've found myself sitting down later and later to do my projects. If  I can make something between 8 or 9 pm and bedtime, surely those "without time" can manage a thing or two every now and again. (However, if you're the kind of person who needs to clean up after you craft, you will be appalled by the state of the craft room. And we're only half way through!)

Last night at 9:00, I made my way to the craft room with the computer. I had these instructions for a bookmark. (I needed to consult both this tutorial on fabric flowers and this video.) By 9:40 I was done.

I also love that I am finally using this fabric! I loved it enough to buy it--and it's even better now that I'm using it because I get to share it! (This is part of the same fabric collection I used for my grandmother's tea wallet.)

I have taken up a project for today that will take me longer than 40 minutes. In fact, I've started already, but not too soon. I've got the evidence to prove that!


Margaret said...

Love the bookmark! Whatever your reasons, I'm glad you're doing this -- I'm enjoying it!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Cute bookmark. I've always heard the people who have the most to do get the most done (ask the busy person to volunteer). I would never say there's not enough time, it's just that I'm lazy!

Needle Nicely said...

Now that's a bookmark anyone would want to use--it's great eye candy!

Cole said...

Love it!

Whenever someone tells me they don't have the time to do "something like that" I might be known to respond by asking them how much tv they watch in a week ;)

Linda said...

What a great bookmark Nikki. Only 40 minutes - would take me 40 hours. lol


Anonymous said...

As for the time thing, some of us really don't have time. Between 60 hours of work a week (that's JUST work-no commuting) and 3 kids, one under 1, there is no time to craft. Besides all the daily kid/mom stuff, I'm also room mom for one kid and den leader for another. I also volunteer in church.

I hardly think I'm lazy. I just know my limits :-)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

No time to craft but time to read blogs and carp? Hmmm.
My answer would be to craft with those kids and the church. I do agree with Charlene and Cole.
At one point I had 6 different volunteer roles but it didn't stop people from asking me to do more! I'm just a Gal who can't say No!