Saturday, September 17, 2011

Down for the Count

Last Friday at Old Lady Stitching, I had a cough. An annoying little cough, could be from my {cough variant} asthma, could be allergies, could be a cold. Over the weekend it turned into a massive horrible cough. On Monday, I only made it off the couch because the dog needed to be taken care of. I went and sat at the dog park. It took all my energy to stay upright.

Of course this is the worst time in the world for being sick. I was recently put in charge of a silent auction/raffle for one of the groups I volunteer with. (And, oh yeah, the party's October 22.) Another group needed a blog post (still not written). And of course the stitching challenge ended, and I wasn't even here to create fanfare!

So while I am trying to get back on top of everything, I signed a freelance contract (don't get all excited, the first job they gave me will take an hour). And on Thursday, my neighbor called to invite us to her one year old's birthday party on Saturday. Yesterday was full.

8 am drop Stella at daycare
8:45 pick up yarn at AC Moore for present and cream cheese at the Giant (one mall shopping) for cake
9 am shower, read email, gather all yarn supplies for present
10 am old lady stitching where fortunately the old ladies helped me figure out how to use the yarn and the needles I had to make the pattern I found in one of the books I brought. Knit like a mad woman.
12 pick up gift card for raffle from Fresh Grocer
12:30 bake cake
12:45 clean house for dear friend dropping by any time between 1pm and 3pm.
1:45 phone call from friend she's in the neighborhood but needs to take a business call at 2:00 will show up when that is over
1:47 vacuum like a madwoman
2:30 debate whether I can wash the floor before my friend shows up. Settle for wiping the bad spots (and now she knows!)
cotton hat, Last-Minute Knitted Gifts
Lion Brand Nature's Choice Organic Cotton
in Petits Four.
Modeled by the Ribbon Jar.
2:45 phone rings. New freelance client with assignment.
2:46 doorbell rings. Fortunately she's the kind of friend who can let herself in and occupy herself while I finish up the call. So maybe I didn't need to bake or clean. Well, yeah, I've been sick for a week, I needed to clean. And that cake? Amazing.
4:30 say goodbye, run to pick up Stella
5:00 collect dog
5:30 still in traffic, order a hoagie for dinner
5:40 drop off and feed dog.
5:45 run back out door, pick up hoagie, drive to Stitch Night at the Strawberry Sampler
6:30 enter bitching about the people on the board who put me in charge of the silent auction and now won't make a donation themselves.
8:30 finish knitting baby hat
8:31 return to work on Frost (is on the Pumpkin)
10:00 cares of the day finally recede with last stitch
10:40 back home to dog licks and human kisses

I'm feeling more relaxed today because I have a present. The only thing I need to do today is walk next door and hand it over. Phone call, the baby is sick and the party is canceled.

I'll have the challenge pieces up and open for voting soon.

Edited: Thanks for your healing thoughts, but I am better. That's the only way I was able to do any of that on Friday!


doris said...

What an ending! Wouldn't you know it?

So sorry you had the hideous cough. Maybe it won't hang on to continue bugging you.

Congrats on the assignment! Great things sometimes start small. My mom would've said that.

natalyK said...

Get well soon!

Kathy A. said...

Wow, girl - I am exhausted just readying your post! and sick on top of it. You qualify for Super Woman!
Take care of yourself!

mainely stitching said...

I used up all your energy and that's why you're sick. LOL. Seriously, I needed you today!

Jennifer said...

Ugh. Feel better soon. Coughing sucks. For some reason, every time I've gotten a cold the last few years, it's been followed by weeks of coughing. Nothing major, just constant and annoying and ridiculous.

valerie said...

Oof! I'm tired just reading all that! Very busy day. Love the hat! Hope you are feeling better...

Gillie said...

All that energy expended writing that post when you could have been resting! I am sorry, Anna, it sounds awful. I have a confession in that, despite the time you gave us, I failed, miserably on the challenge, what a failure. Get better soon.

Denise said...

And at 10:05 Anna fell into a calm and restful sleep for the next twelve hours!

eegad - all of that and you were sick?!?! What is a normal day like?

The baby hat is adorable - all that work and the party was cancelled.

Go back to bed and get better!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Wouldn't you know? But it's SO cute - looks like an ice cream cone the way you've displayed it... and who doesn't love that? With days like that, no wonder you're feeling poorly. Take it easy and be well!

Catherine said...

Hope you are feeling better!!

Lelia said...

feel better SOON - that is an order!!

Sherry :o) said...

very cute hat, Anna. I am glad you are feeling better.

Colorado Stitcher said...

wore me out just reading about your day!! Glad you feel better.

Veronica said...

Hope you get well soon. Please take care of yourself and drink lots of water.


Anonymous said...

The hat is great and even better was seeing you. After all these years, don't you know I don't care about the floor? Worse, I didn't even notice it -- too busy admiring the beautiful framed pieces, devouring the cake, and enjoying a visit with you.
Glad you are feeling better. See you soon!