Thursday, July 21, 2011

Here, There, and Everywhere

Like the temperature, the number of followers I have is inching up. Unlike the temperature, it's a welcome change. Of course I want to see who you are, but blogger doesn't make it easy. Oh sure I just have to click, but then I have to decide which of the five listed blogs is your stitching blog, or whether those are ones you follow rather than write. And then some of you are leaving me messages {wave} but you don't have your email in your profile so I can't just click to write back. You say you live in H'town and could help me learn crochet but how do I say, hello--why don't you come to old lady stitching with me at the library tomorrow, Friday 10-12. You'll know me, I'm the young one. (Unless Helen is there, she's in high school. I am not that young.) Nevertheless, I'm glad to have all the comments.

But what about you over there? The lurker without a blog. I am happy to have you at the party, but you have to say something so I'll remember who you are. I'm that woman at the party who always comes up and says, "where have we met before?" In fact, I was at the grocery store two weeks ago and saw someone I recognized but for the life of me I had no idea where I knew her from. Old job #1? Old job #2? College? I was wracking my brain until I woke up the next morning knowing she brought her 90+ mother to old lady stitching at the library. (She stitches too.) So anyway, what I'm trying to say is, the more often you say something to me in comments or email the more I will remember you the next time. I hate that I can't remember everyone all the time. At least I'm not the person who says, "hello, I'm Anna," like we've never met, every time we meet. I hate those people. The ones who make you wonder, "am I so unmemorable?" At least my "I can't remember where we met" will become "you're the one who's stitching that huge French design and has a dog with behavioral issues and a hot husband" {oh wait, that's me} which is not as bad as my mother's line, "remind me of your name."

Of course, I have to go and ruin it all by having a nom de plume for the blog. You're all "Anna did this," and "Anna said that" and then I tell you you've remembered my fake name. I apologize. It was once necessary.

I tweet as my real self, and now my real self is on Pinterest too. Because with the personal blogs, the blogs I manage for organizations I volunteer with, the three Facebook pages I administer, the two Twitter feeds, I am not online enough. Oh, don't forget the Google+. {Head spin} I did just start out, but I think it could be a substitute for bookmarking--one that you can access from any computer. Well, as long as there are really  pretty pictures to go along with it. That's what's struck me so far, the beautiful photography.

See you out here, somewhere, soon!


Mary said...

Wow - that's a lot of online! If you figure out Pinterest, I hope you'll explain - I learned about it from another blog I read and did sign on, but I can't say I've figured out what it's all about or how to really participate.

Mary in MN

valerie said...

Ok, you just said a lot and I can't wrap my head around it all. No worries though because I live on the other side of the the fog. Which I think a lot of people would appreciate right now seeing as it's in the 100's on a lot of places. I would die. Today is warm and it's about 75.

I'm with Mary. I don't even have the time to figure out Pinterest but I like the idea of it. I'll figure it out...eventually.

Billie said...

Where are you on Facebook? I am the German girl and I won something from you a while back (just to jog your memory ;-)). I am on FB also and if you want to be friends I am out there as "Billie Schoeler". See you there!?

The Queen Bee said...

Fun to watch the number of followers go up. I lost one this week but gained 2. I'm trying not to keep tabs of specific people so I won't get my feelings hurt...because I'm not quite as thick skinned.

I think we met years ago in Tulsa but I couldn't swear it but my sister lives in the Philly area and remembers meeting someone from your town.

I am not always sure if people want me to remember them when I see them in the grocery store. I work somewhere where people would like to forget they had to go so I let them approach me first. A couple weeks ago someone I'd never met came up to me and knew all kinds of details about me. I preteneded until I finally realized who she was. The mother of another graduate.... she'd served the same position on a committee that I did but 2 years after she was using my old data...hence her knowledge of me.

Anyhow, I'm with you on trying to figure out who people are and if they're interested in following me maybe I'd like to follow them.

Can you give another lesson on how to reset your 'no reply' comments? I'm always disappointed when someone comments and I can't reply to whatever they wrote.


riona said...

I've been enjoying your blog for four or five years, perhaps a little longer. While not as old as some of your library ladies,I am old enough to experience what I call "telescoping time", everything always seems more recent or nearer than it actually is. Since you have found me via e-mail at times, I think we are good. I do empathize with your problems with tracking followers who don't include e-mails ... how do you respond to their questions or compliments or comments?

Hannah said...

Hi! I am a fairly new follower, and this is my blog:

I'm afraid I can't join you for old lady stitching because I live in the UK.

Nice to meet you!


Giovanna said...

Right... I don't "follow" anyone on Blogger 'cause I subscribe to all the blogs I like with Google Reader. But you do have a new follower on Pinterest now :-)

Joy said...

You are one busy gal...I like to follow you because of your energy!!!

Deb said...

You can definitely live your life behind the computer! Isn't Pinterest the coolest place. I could spend hours looking at things that people put on there. I followed you btw. :o)

Christine said...

As Deniro would say, "Are you TALKING to ME? I hope your library stitching group appreciates your sense of humor because I think you're hysterical! You always make a good point but with a touch of humor.

That said, "Hi, I'm Cross Stitch Christine" in California, lol.

When I want to find someone from their profile, I select the one blog that doesn't have anything after it as I've found that is usually their personal blog as opposed to a group blog they belong to.

I've never even thought about adding in an e-mail on the profilte so thanks for that reminder!

Anna van Schurman said...

Yea, Christine, then when I click on your comment it doesn't say, "".

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

About not being able to reply to comments- I always make a comment myself and hope the person comes back to see it or if it's a really good question I'll answer it in the next post.
I figure that if one person has asked it then there will be others who thought it and woud be interested in the answer.
Hopefully my tag reminds you who I am, it's also why I try to use the same pic on all my online presences.