Wednesday, May 25, 2011

An Explanation

Thanks for all the well wishes for the new and improved* Mr. and Mrs. Jersey. The photos keep rolling in. Here's my absolute favorite so far.

That cigar was hand-rolled by the Cuban cigar roller at the cocktail reception. They had barrel boxes of matches as favors and custom cigar bands; she thought of everything.

We're still recovering from that blessed event. When we went to my cousin's for Sunday dinner, everyone complained of being tired. Everyone else is blaming the wedding. I'm blaming the inflammation happening in my gut. This is why posting has been so sparse lately. It's hard to think to write when you're spending all your free time on the toilet. {FML} I went back on meds on Monday night, and I have to say I've   improved. I'm still tired but at least I can make plans that involve leaving the house. I hate taking the medicine. (It's topical. For my colon. I think you can figure it out.) But it always makes me feel better. Now if only they could find a cure.

I've been making slow but steady progress on Dog Lessons for People. I'm going to post without a picture because you've waited long enough.

* Since I didn't change my name, we had the justice of the peace announce us as "The new and improved" {our boring old names}. 


Joy said...

That's a priceless it! Hope you're feeling better soon.

Andrea said...

Great picture!
Sorry you're not feeling so good. Hope you're back to 100% soon!
I can totally relate to FML, lol!

Robin said...

Sorry you seem to have contracted Montezuma's Revenge. Keep the pix coming. This one is awesome!

Glenna said...

Cute photo--absolutely love her dress--perfection.

I find that I get a lot of reading done on the "throne," but I can't read magazines with food pictures in them when I'm having an Episode. Gardens are good though.

Hope you feel better soon.

Annemarie said...

Ouch. Hope you feel better soon, dear girl.

I absolutely love that picture. Looks like Hannibal. You know. Of A-Team fame :o)

Mouse said...

Fab photo :) sorry to hear your tum is giving you probs ... I have a milk intolerance (protein and lactose) so if have to much of it .. I end up talking etc to the great white telephone hope they can sort you out soon or at least find out what causes it properly so you can avoid it like the plague .. for years they said I had got IBS till they discovered it wasn't :) hope that helps ???love mouse xxx

Alice said...

That would be a tough photo to top! Shades of Maggie? Her dress is so gorgeous. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well; and join with you in wishing for a cure.

Katrina said...

Fun picture!!!! And hope you are feeling better soon.

Adrienne Martini said...

Sorry about the colon. :( But the wedding looks like it was great fun.

Donna said...

Terrific photo. I love the dress!

But I'm sorry you seem to be having problems of that nature. I've got two friends with colitis and I'm used to them having to change plans last minute. Sucks.

doris said...

Great picture! Imagine it blown up to greet guests at their 50th anniversary bash.

Glad to hear your trots are under control for now. That's definitely no fun at all.