Sunday, November 07, 2010

Just Back from New Jersey

From Book Memes and Quizzes

1) What's the most greatest number of books you've ever read over a holiday? I once read four novels in a day. I think on holiday, I usually try to relax a little; I don't go for a personal best. My mom went to Turks and Caicos for a week and read ten novels. Wonder why I want to go?
2) What's the best book you've ever read on holiday? What made it great? I don't think I can distinguish the best book, but one memorable holiday read was White Noise by Don Delillo. I was on a cruise, sharing a cabin with Sissy, and she would take an afternoon nap while I would read. I was laughing out loud reading and she got so pissed. A couple of years later, she had to read White Noise for class. She called to forgive me for laughing because she was laughing her way through it too.
3) Do you consider reading at the dinner table to be rude and exclusive, or a nice way to dip in and out of the conversation? Rude.
4) Do you prefer music on when you read, or other background noise, or a profound silence? Silence. Though I am capable of making my own silence when I read--I can tune everything out.
5) Do you have a book-related pet peeve? Hmmmm. I hate when people don't like a book I love.
6) What do you do with books you've purchased/were given but didn't enjoy? Sell them at the used book store across the street.
7) Name three authors that have influenced or changed your reading selections.

  1. Ernest Hemingway made me an English major. 
  2. Nancy Pearl: I have read Book Lust and More Book Lust cover to cover and heeded both of them to my enjoyment.
  3. Joyce Carol Oates, a paper I wrote about her in grad school led to my dissertation. That seems pretty significant.

8) If you could combine the talents of three authors - one each for plotting, character strength and writing style - who would you pick? I don't have a good answer for this because I think most of the writers I've read have their own unique strengths. I would like Joyce Carol Oates to let her editors edit more often.
9) All your books disappear mysteriously overnight, but insurance pays up for them - with which authors/particular books do you begin replacing them? Are there any that you would like to exempt from this hypothetical example as the copy itself is too precious to lose? I got an advance copy of Amy Tan's The Kitchen God's Wife at the ABA one year. I lent it to a friend who had Tan sign it for me. {To Nikki, This book returns to you with best wishes from Lauren. Amy Tan} None of my other signed books are as precious to me. Otherwise, I don't know what I'd replace.
10) Is there an author whose book recommendations, even short blurb-acclaim on the cover, will persuade you to read it? No, but as a former book jacket writer I do let the flap copy persuade me.


Susan said...

Ah, a woman after my own heart! I love reading and could talk about books all day. My current book pet peeve is the inadequate editing I see in at least one of five books I read--things like substituting 'he' for 'she' when talking about a main character. Sloppy, just sloppy. As for Question #9, I would probably start replacing my books with Margaret Atwood. I think The Blind Assassin is a fabulous novel.

Karen said...

I love Nancy Pearl's Book Lust books! I had the opportunity to meet her a couple or three years ago at the National Book Festival; there was no one else in her signing line, so we chatted for several minutes. She's a very nice lady.

Re question 9, I don't know what books I'd replace first but I'd exempt all my Nevil Shute books. It took me forever to find all of them!

gio. said...

hemingway jump started me too. i bet we are not the only ones.

Linen Stitcher said...

I'm a former book jacket writer myself. Who knew that was one of your many talents?