Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another November Closes

This week's Maggie story seems to be one those of us who are fortunate enough to have aging relatives share. While aging may be as frustrating as watching our loved ones age, we have to remember at least they continue to age! With luck, we will all be there someday, accusing the help of stealing that third brown hand towel or the lint roller. I'm going to be like the woman in last week's episode of Lie to Me who wrote post it notes to remind herself to brush her hair. Only mine are going to say, "you misplaced the lint roller; no one stole it."

November's Goals:
  • continue to work on the marquoir--I worked on this a bit at stitch night, November 19.
  • finish messenger bags--I finished the brown one and the blue one will be completed tonight. I just have the lining to insert and the handles to apply.
  • make Mortal Peril clock--I just have to add the hands (photo when it's light out again)
  • stitch Beneath the sea by November 20--done!
  • knit brown scarf--done!
  • knit two more washcloths--done!
  • make four floral boxes--not quite. I think the prospect of making 120 paper flowers is too daunting.
  • string bracelet--done!
  • finish Christmas cards--I'm bringing this project to Friday's craft circle.
  • work on my quilt--what was I thinking??
  • blog every day--yes, but next year remind me to be more cheerful!
I also knit a scarf for my FIL who admired the brown one.

By December 23:
  • Sew green coasters
  • Sew red coasters
  • Sew blue coasters
  • Make owl pillow
  • Make milk bath
  • Make foot soak
  • Make sea salt scrub
  • Make pet t-shirts
  • Make and send Christmas cards
  • Make Remote Holder pillow
  • Think of gifts for two nephews who aren't into Harry Potter
  • Maybe make a chess set for the dude
  • Work on marquoir
December 24-31:
  • work on Monthly Mania (March, September, December), Heart in Hand
  • work on Snowman Stocking, Bent Creek
  • Finish-finish four more pieces to double the finishing accomplished in 2010


Miriam said...

Another year done! Woo! It's been three years I've been following your exploits since NaBloPoMo, and I still go back to some of your old posts and laugh. :)

Alice said...

Thanks for an entertaining November. Whoa. A look at your goals for December is making me think you have extra hours in your days that the rest of us do not have. Like at least 6! Every day! Unless maybe you don't sleep?

KarenV said...

You got loads done in November AND blogged every day - wow! Good luck with your December goals, looks like you're going to be busy.