Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Christmas *IS* Coming

I just spent a bit of my afternoon at the farmer's market handing out flyers for the library gala. Come! It'll be fun.

Not only have I begun an excel spreadsheet to record gifts I've given over the years, I've made a list for this year! I started--and abandoned--several of these gifts last year, so I am way ahead.

Here are a couple of links I'll be using. I can't give particulars since there are those from my list who pop in here every now and again.
* Geode sun catcher * tea cup candles (video) * spa supplies * foot soak * sleep pouchesknit wash cloth (I've succumbed but it works with the whole spa thing) * Weasley clock * Batman mask * Superhero Cape * another one of these scarves * coasters * chess set

If you still find yourself scratching your head on gifts for men and boys, don't forget to revisit my old posts. Actually, there are a couple of men I'm scratching my head over so perhaps I should update those old lists? Let me know in the comments.


Ann-Marie said...

A Weasley clock! That's exactly it! Oh that's nifty. I either want that -- or Artie's computer from Warehouse 13.

I'm such a slow stitcher that I never plan gifts for Christmas. All stitched gifts from me are out-of-the-blue, not attached to any holiday. It's safer that way.

riona said...

I don't really want to think about Christmas gifts ... I have ony one started [two years ago, about this time of year], TW's Autumn Faerie ... the border is done, as well as Section 1 ... leaving Section 2 [a densely stitched area] and Sections 3 & 4 [ combined they don't equal the amount of stitching in Section 2]. In order to get it framed on time, I have to have the stitching done by the first week in November. Maybe this is manageable, but no one else will be getting hand-made gifts ... at least not hand-made by me ... Craft Festivals, here I come!!!

Jenna said...

That chess set ROCKS! If I could figure out how to make a nice-looking board that would stay nice, I would totally make one of those for my dad, since he owns hardware stores.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I hope the Batman mask is for me...

Nice list; I haven't even begun to think about Christmas gifts yet.