Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day of Stella

Sorry I couldn't come to the blog yesterday. It was the Day of Stella. First, she had to go to the vet. We thought she had scraped her mouth, but then she was scratching it and there were raw bits around her muzzle. She has some kind of infection, but taking a skin scraping was out of the question. (Stella guards me from the vet, so things aren't as easy as they could be.) So we're treating it, and we'll see how things go. Since the vet moved, and we now have to take the car to the vet, I had to take her to PetSmart so that we balanced the "bad car" trip with the a "good car" trip. We got some Greenie Pill Pockets and a new Loofah.

Then last night, the trainer came over because Stella doesn't like people to come to our house. Now it's not like we have strangers parading through, but I do have one friend, five foot nothing ninety pounds soaking wet, who Stella barks at constantly. Fortunately, she was willing to come over and be barked at and help us undo Stella's issue. The trainer, my friend, Stella and the dude all showed up at the door at the same time and true to form, Stella was a maniac. By the time my friend had to go 45 minutes later, Stella was letting her ring the doorbell and come in. She was happily wagging her tail. It was a remarkable turnaround. And a relief. The trainer told the dude that most people would have given up on "such a reactive dog" by this point. So I guess Stella is lucky to have two stupidheads for owners. Or two suckers for such pretty eyes. Yup, we're in love.

Speaking of love...did you not want to tell me about falling in love or were y'all not interested in the patterns? Because I only had five entries for the "Summer of Love" drawing of love.

And the winner is...K-G Knitter!

Come back on Thursday (promise) for "Then Comes Marriage"...a collection of wedding samplers that I have to offer you.


KarenV said...

Hope Stella is feeling better soon. Good for you for working with her to overcome her issues - she's such a lovely dog, she deserves the best!

mainely stitching said...

What magic rites did the trainer perform to calm Stella in regard to doorbells/visitors? Our dogs are total maniacs and drive us up a tree when it comes to having visitors.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I get loving the crazy dogs - I have one that, by rites, should have gone back to the breader she's so aggressive. But, we knew if we took her back, she'd be put down and heck, she only weighs all of 9 pounds. I need your trainer to come to my house! She hates everyone else but LOVES Rob and me and we love her, too!

Missed the post about falling in love.... knew it the first time I saw Rob that I'd marry him. Then, we had our first date.... I did go out with him again and marry him in spite of that. He thought he was so great - told me he was dating other girls and blah, blah, blah. I gave him another chance though and he's the best thing that ever happened to me. I'll be looking forward to your wedding samplers giveaway.

Lana said...

Poor Stella having to deal with skin issues, my next door neighbors are dealing with something similar, their dog bites and scratches itself constantly...they don't know what it is, so therefore can't do much to help the problem. Hopefully things will be better for Stella soon. I'm proud of her for learning doggie manners when people come over! =) Her owners must have lots of patience!!

Nic said...

I hope Stella is feeling better soon - and it sounds like she's a very bright dog if she can deal with her issues so quickly and learn new behaviours.

Caroline said...

I hope Stella feels better soon. A similar thing happened to our Madi a number of years ago and it turned out to be "red mange"...... So, we really did have a mangey dog. Also - good for you for helping Stella with her issues. Our new pup is a challenge as well - totally destructive. Training is going very slowly for us, so I'm jealous of your success!

Stitchinowl said...

Hope Stella feels better soon. That's great that the trainer was able to have Stella overcome her issues with your friend coming to the door.
I love that you balance the "bad car" trip with a "good car" trip. It sounds like when I took my boys to McDonalds when they were little (still do!) after a trip to a "mom" store.

gio. said...

i, too, would like to know what the trainer did to turn around stella on the issue of visitors. also, your friend is an angel. :)