Friday, November 13, 2009

What To Do? What To Do?

I am still under the illusion that I can make all my Christmas presents this year. However, I just checked my list and realized that I have several people for whom I have hope.

A little help?

Edited to add: all the in-law gifts are being carried to England.

Brother-in-law: geologist, does something with gas (works for the people who work for the people who drill?) He's an outdoorsy guy, hikes. Kind of an environmentalist-seeming person. Thirty seven, two kids.

Little boy, age 5
Little boy, age 2.5 I would love to tell you what these two little guys were into but the last time I wrote to my SIL and asked what was on their Christmas list, I got no response. The dude, covering for his sister no doubt, claims the English don't make Christmas lists. What are you doing to those poor children over there? I am coming*, and I am bringing Child Social Services. ;)

FIL's Girlfriend: what can I tell you? When she was here last, she loved the cornbread I made from the Jiffy mix, so I keep sending her that. And now you know I've spent $1 on her the last two years running. She recently had a stroke. She was a scientist. I only give her something because my FIL expects it. And now I'm going to hell. Again.

Uncle: The fisherman. He's the guy I made this and this for. Two years ago, I stitched him the fishing santa (he has lobsters in his pack) from PS over one. He thought I bought it. He is totally a guys' guy but he loves the stuff I make for him. So I'd like to make him something good. Edited to add: My aunt once described my uncle as "6'4" both ways;" he's what you call a big man.

Any ideas are good ones. Extra credit if I can whip it up as easily as the acorns. (And for your love of them, thanks!)

* I really am, December 27-January 11.


Xeyedmary said...

For the grownups: how about tins of Crack(er) Candy- the caramel over saltines with chocolate & nuts? I'm making buckets of this stuff this year!
The little deprived English boys- Matchbox cars? Walkie talkies- a simple set so the younger can use them too. (I'm assuming they're siblings)

Annemarie said...

I'd love to help, but i just got word from my brother that he expects a self-made calender for Sinterklaas (which is December 5th, not December 25th) and now I'm panick-stricken myself. For the littlest boy I would suggest a felt ball. Come to think of it, I would suggest felt balls for all of them: smaller ones for the grown-ups by way of stress-relievers. Done.

Bronny said...

What about a BBQ apron for the BIL? Easy enough to whip up in an afternoon.
I agree with Xeyedmary about the matchbox cars for the little boys - perhaps even a track or one of those playmats that has streets marked out on them.
FIL girlfriend - A pretty plate (from a thrift shop is always good) onto which is piled home-baked biscuits - perhaps even with a doiley - wrap it up fancy in clear celephane and ribbon - look like you spent $$$$
Uncle - what about another BBQ apron - you could applique a lobster on it?? Practice your apron skills on the BIL gift and perfect it with the Uncle gift??
Have fun with your quest...
I can't post my gift dilemma - my SIL may just read my blog....good luck!

Catherine G. said...

Brother-in-law - how about a bucket of coal candy and some rock candy for color.

The boys - age 5 - mine loves hot wheels, legos, walkie-talkies, etc. Actually he liked those when he was 2.5 as well (with older brothers, he started on toys earlier that weren't "age appropriate", but nothing ever happened to him, he's still here!

FIl's girlfriend - how about an apron - stuff the pockets on front with a box or two of the cornbread she likes.

Uncle - I may have some fishy patterns I can share with you (are you going next Friday night to Stitch at the Ford?) - patterns that I purchased thinking I would do something for my brother and never did.

Anonymous said...

The best gift reaction I ever got was from a little boy about the same age - Lego Pirate Ship ... it rocks.

My Mom is a big believer of "bringing the outside in" which I think she stole from Martha, How about napkin rings for FIL's girlfriend? Glue gun, ribbon, raffia, acorns.

Rachel said...

For the boys I agree with legos and cars. The rock candy sounds like a hoot for BIL. Dont have a clue for the others.

I generally stitch ornaments for my in-laws and leave things at that. Gifts are generally just for the kids but I cant just leave it at that, hence the ornaments.

Jeanne M said...

I hate trying to come up with gift ideas! Glad I'm not the only one who struggles. I bought a bunch of those felted nuts on Etsy awhile back - they are fun!

Nic said...

For the little ones - Kids clothes in the US - especially cotton - are generally cheaper and better quality than we can get - so perhaps a cute pair of jeans and a top?

BIL - gloves or a hat? We're due a cold winter!

FIL's Girlfriend - if she likes the cornbread, why not bring some other US specialty foods?

Uncle - my knitting group made a blanket of fish shapes for a member's newborn - perhaps you could made a scarf out of them?

Melody said...

You are getting some good ideas. I was only going to echo the others, about the boys. You can't go wrong with matchbox cars or legos. I like the bbq apron ideas.

Good luck

SF said...

The Leggos are brilliant for the boys [and they make larger sizes for the younger ones]. Also printed tee-shirts.

My family is far-flung [living in the US, Europe and Asia] and we find that local foods make good gifts, even if simply as curiousities. Local chocolate, coffee, tea, and baking mixes. Also hot sauces -- something the USA seems to produce in abundance.

If all else fails, Amazon UK.

C in DC said...

For the FIL's girlfriend - my first thought beyond more cornbread mixes - was for things that keep her warm, like gloves, fuzzy socks, etc. After my grandmother had her stroke, she was always cold. Connecting to an earlier post, how about a handmuff? :-)