Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Souvenirs and Remembories*

First, I begin with a photo of my SAL Flea Market Souvenir. I love this and do not want to put it down. I'm stitching with the called-for WDW and GAST, though I did change that little hill under the urn from blue to green. The pattern calls for R&R fabric but it's so hard to find that I am stitching on 30 ct WDW--beige, angel hair and one that is unlabeled.

Lelia went on a little internet scavenger hunt on the internet and found this:

This is the one I stitched in the 70s. You can tell it was the 70s--look at those colors. Now I am going to have to search my parents' house to see if we can find that. It would be so cute on my craft room door!

I took Michelle's advice and looked at Herrschner's to see if they had something my niece might like--because let's face it, at nine, she's too young to appreciate the retro. I found this hip and modern flower by Katherine Shaughnessy, the author of the cool New Crewel:

But I am still bringing over some Tula, because, well, you just have to.

Thanks for all the support as I help to create the next generation of stitchers!

* Remembories is what Lala used to call memories when she was small. And she had a freakishly good memory for a toddler.


Sharon said...

Love the flea market-very pretty. Cool kits-can't wait to see what becomes of them.

Anonymous said...

Gaaah! I haven't started yet :(
Things got a little crazy over here so I couldn't start on the 6th but I am going to try to start it tonight or tomorrow! I will blog when I do, promise!

Yours is looking great! And so do all your other projects!

mainely stitching said...

I love the 70s. I want to live there.

Melissa said...

Way to go Leila. I searched after reading the post and only found a lame bear My Room and I know that wasn't what you were talking about.

I miss the 70s. One summer the only tshirt I wore was one that said, "Conserve water, bathe with a friend".

I won't mention the Limited Wicked West tshirt I wore quite a bit my senior year, it had a plunging V neckline. What where my parents thinking other than I didn't have much to plunge!

Megan said...

I love that flea market piece - yours looks great!

AWESOMELY retro "My Room" :) I really love the "New Crewel" designs, but I need another needle hobby like I need a hole in my head, so I've resisted.

Michelle said...

Your Flea Market is beautiful - no wonder you can't put it down. For future reference - Elegant Stitch has never let me down for the R&R fabrics. That Crewel flower is a great choice - glad I could help! I've updated for Mermaid Monday as well!