Sunday, December 28, 2008

Return Trip

And we're back. I could've written more from my parents' house but we were having too much fun playing Phase 10. My mother gets us all a game every Christmas (still) and we play and play and play. Phase 10 was the big hit. Fact or Crap was okay, and we never even opened Partini (a Cranium knock off). Christmas Day was a little weird. My parents have been eating at the Red Arrow Diner a lot lately, and when they found out the diner was open on Christmas day, we went. So, no Chinese in our jammies. It felt very confusing. (I even had to put on a bra! On Christmas!)

On Boxing Day, we took my father's mother to Hart's for lunch. That was less painful than I thought it might be.

December 27th is my aunt's birthday and even though we've just spent Christmas Eve together, my mother's family gathered again for dinner and presents. We also celebrated her and my uncle's 40th anniversary that night (just about a month late, but they refused to have a party).

We drove home today, and it took eight hours again. Loads of traffic in NJ. (When we left on the 24th, it was icy and there was a detour not two blocks from our house because of accidents. So, yeah, another 8 hour trip. Thank goodness we sprang for a GPS.) Since the dude does all the driving, I had plenty of time to stitch. Wait til you see Curly Q Ewe!


Megan said...

I apologize on behalf of my state for your traffic issues ;)

Merry Christmas!

doris said...

Phase 10 ... too much fun, especially with nieces and nephews. I'm new to blogging (no idea what took me so long), but I've been stitching forever, and your blog kept me reading for quite a while. I read Spirals and Miss Mary Mack ... we agree on a lot. Thanks for the thoughts.

Kendra said...

DH and I used to have Phase 10 parties with our friends...until kids came along and made it hard to concentrate on the game. And then we moved 6 hours away from them, so that really put an end to Phase 10 parties.

Maybe it's time to introduce it to family...

Jacque said...

Love Phase 10...I've witnesses an actual fist fight over the game, which seems almost tragic, but at the time...hilarious!

Have you played Rummycue before? Almost as addicting!!