Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Civic Spiritedness

It's not what you're thinking.

I was on the El today, stitching my aunt's Christmas present, The Angels Sang (LHN). I was holding the project upside down while I worked, which meant the writing was right side up to people standing across from me.

A man came up to me. "I wanted to give you this," he says, and handed me a card: "Listen to Church Sermons Online." I can hear the word of God 24/7. I will be "spiritually encouraged, strengthened and focused on my daily walk with God."

Which I guess seems to imply something about me and my daily walk with God.

So, what about you? Do you stitch outside your ideology? Is your stitching sending people the wrong message?

I got some great surprises in the mail today, but I definitely need to photograph them in the light. Look for more tomorrow.


riona said...

I stitch outside my ideology whenever I stitch for my neo-pagan daughter who "follows the path of Celtic shamanism" ... though I am not quite sure what that means ... but I am perfectly comfortable stitching goddess symbols, Celtic tarot, and banners that proclaim "Blessed Be". After all, I am stitching something that has value for her ... quotations from Christian Scripture or typical Catholic iconology would be meaningless to her. I have stitched Jewish motifs for Jewish friends, etc. The only "precautions" I take are to avoid stitching tarot symbols for my daughter in front of my mother who would consider that I am encouraging my daughter in darkest sin and superstition rather than respecting her adult perogative to choose her own spirituality. I don't want to raise the dear 80-something darling's blood pressure needlessly ... and yes, I'll admit a small part of my psyche still cringes when reprimanded by my mother.

Courtney said...

I *just* got this pattern, fabric, and fibers yesterday...I'll be starting it tomorrow!!

Leah said...

I'm atheist, but I've stitched angels. I have no plans of ever stitching anything more overtly religious than that though.

Barbara said...

Yep, I've been known to stitch the occassional Christian thing, though I do try to avoid situations where that might occur. I don't consider angels Christian (reading above comment). I rarely stitch pagan stuff, which is more in line with my ideology, but I hope to venture out of the closet a bit more often. ;)

Jennifer said...

I definitely stitch outside my ideology for several family members. To me, stitching is stitching, and I try to give gifts that the receiver will like and appreciate because it has special meaning to them.

Annemarie said...

Oh yes, I do stitch outside my ideology. Last example: 'The Harvesters' by LHN. But I love the sentiment, and in my head, I just substitute 'God' with something else, like 'nature'.

Lelia said...

The problem with any religion -- IMO -- is the followers who just don't get "it". there all ALWAYS those who feel morally superior & instead of following the lessons of their leader, teachings of their religion, they get over zealous and quietly fight with the one-up-ness

I'm a fossil & I tolerate most. I admire the ones who walk the walk and keep their judgements to themselves. When I'm around the intolerable, I maintain my own counsel. Easier for me to rise above it & I keep learning every day.

As for your question, if it is a gift, I'll stitch it.

Rachel said...

I love stitching gifts and try to make items that the receiver would like. For most of my family its christian themed items - thankfully there are a ton of projects to choose from (course that could be a bad thing - finding TOO many!)

Im not religious but its fun to match the project to a person/family

Michelle said...

I don't typically go all religious on my crafting. I do love that LHN pattern though. So, if something strikes me, I'll stitch it. I do have a strange love of Adam & Eve samplers though...I keep thinking about changing the wording on And They Sinned if I stitched it (which I plan to someday). I have to say though, things I keep seeing that are driving me batty - those magnetic nativity scenes people put on their cars, and bumper stickers with the phrase "Jesus is the reason for the season". I am very tolerant of a wide assortment of religions and non-religious people, but for some reason those two things make me cringe.