Saturday, September 27, 2008


How does one go about getting a Stitch Bitch T-shirt?
Check out Crafty Gear on Cafe Press. I have a great skull and cross bones cross-stitch t-shirt.

Can I have your job?

The fact that the "Shores of Hawk Run Hollow" pattern (not a kit) costs $25 took my breath. What's so special about it?
Actually I think it's closer to $30. All the Hawk Run Hollow patterns run this much. It's a lot of pattern. Really, it only costs about three times what most patterns cost these days. Talk to me after you've priced the fabric and silk. ;)

How can you not love honey roasted parsnips with your Christmas dinner?
Because we have lobster stew for Christmas dinner. Parsnips and lobster stew? I'm pretty sure not one vegetable makes it onto the table. Oh, there are onions in the stew.

As for Santa and beer, why the heck didn't I think of it?
You know scientific research demonstrates pregnancy makes you stupid, right? Otherwise, I have no answer for that. But you're in good company; my parents never thought of it, and my dad was a beer distributor.

They don't seem to be putting the photo references on the chart pages (they used to say photo is on page xx) which I always found useful.
Not a question, but Just Cross Stitch, are you listening? Because I'm with Karen here.

Yuko in Japan remarked, "I have never seen this kind of doll, maybe because I was born on 70'?"
It's quite possible that I got this doll closer to 1970 than the mid-1960s. I'm thinking it was for export since the cover is written in English, and the back is marked "Made in Japan."

It is artificial hair, isn't it?
The quality of the doll and the period it was made in would suggest that it is artificial hair. But if you ever need a wig, you should spring for human hair. Trust me, my grandmother has had some pretty bad wigs.

I hope these responses convince you that I read every message. I do appreciate my readership, even if I can't always answer all the questions. Every time you tell me how great a project looks there is an implicit thank you (I was raised on the implicit thank you, which has made marriage to an explicit thanker occasionally difficult).


Nic said...

I'll let you off on the parsnips now I know about the lobster stew, I don't think they'd be a good combination either :o)

Cathy said...

My parents started the cookies and beer thing when we were kids. I think it started out as a mistake, and ended up a tradition.

Barbara said...

Oh boy, I scored two questions! LOL!

So, pregnancy brain, huh? I think if you have too many kids, it becomes a permanent condition. And sleep is supposed to be a cure/prevention? I'm LMAO. Like sleep is something actually available to parents of young children. Give me a break!!

If I even need a wig, however, all these offspring will finally have a good use. I'll just shave the little buggers and make myself a lovely wig.

Twisted parent. Must be the pregnancy brain. ;0

Barbara said...

Darn typos. If I "ever" need a wig ...