Friday, August 22, 2008


This is the questionnaire that the crew over at Cut Out + Keep give to crafty superstars. Well today, I am a superstar. Not over there. Just here. I guess I'm always a superstar here. Speaking of superstars, one year Sissy went to a Halloween party as Mary Katherine Gallagher. Only Sissy's blond so everyone kept thinking she was Britney Spears. I can't believe no one has the same abiding appreciation for Mary Katherine that we have. It must have been all the Catholic schooling... Anyway, you should check out that link because there are some neato projects over there.

Crafts you do:
Embroidery, papercrafts, sewing, beading, scrapbooking, knitting

Color: periwinkle
Movie: A&E Pride and Prejudice; Some Like it Hot
TV Show: High Stakes Poker
Band: Bare Naked Ladies
Book: I don’t choose favorites
City: interestingly the first thing that came to my mind was L.A. but I feel most at home in Boston.
Food: I love food. All of it...except raw squid. If I have to choose one thing to eat for the rest of my life? Lobster. Or eggplant.

Hobbies: crafts, reading, baking and cooking, gardening, travel, editing, reading craft books and magazines
Favorite Crafts: cross stitch
What You Craft Along To: Whatever is on tv. But if I’m in the craft room it’s the sound of silence.
First Project You Ever Made: I poked pins with ball heads into my Barbie's head giving her new earrings. And then I sewed fabric scraps into this kind-of turtleneck halter top. Chic!
Favorite Items to Make: Christmas gifts: the right gift for the right person.

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Redwitch said...

Holy Mary Mother of God! You sure are a SuperStar! Do I have to say a 'Hail Mary' now to make up for the cussing?