Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More Celebrities in Ex

More news of stitchers who cross-stitch celebrity faces. This time she's in Wisconsin, and she loves her some Johnny Depp (she's the only one).

Because I love the crazy of stitching celebrity faces, I went to my favorite British mag, Cross Stitch Crazy, purveyor of stitched celebrity face, to see who the Brits are stitching this month: Freddie Mercury. For some reason, I've been drawn to the back issues: April Gethin Jenkins, a Welsh Rugby player; April Daniel O'Donnell, an Irish singer; in Feb "the smouldering Scottish star"--who can it be? Issues 107 and 108 sold out, but in issue 106 (November) Lewis Hamilton, F1 driver (and I'm restraining myself from a dig at NASCAR). I couldn't stop exploring the website, and I found the woman responsible for the celebrities. Now that you have this knowledge, use it wisely.

Photo from Wikimedia Commons.


Coral said...

No, I have never stitched a celebrity, however the times I have bought the mag they are really obscure celebs - Marylin Monroe appeals to me, British presenters do not!!

I think one person in the world stitches them, the person who does the one for the mag!

Adrienne said...

Why must all male Scottish stars be so smolderingly delightful? Must be something in the peat.

Anonymous said...

Really! I'd rather stitch the Budster (my dog) but I won't.


Jenna said...

Yeah, not so much my thing. But the Brits must like it? I don't pretend to understand British tastes. ;)

xsquared said...

There's an awesome moment in the Doctor Who Season 1 DVD extras where David Tennant has gone home for Christmas and discovers that one of his mother's friends has cross stitched his face and given it to his mother.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the picture of Lewis Hamilton?