Friday, March 28, 2008

List #28: Camp, the Shopping List

Today, I was kidnapped from work by a dear old friend. We went to a new fabric store, Spool, a next-door sister-store to Loop. They had lots of Amy Butler fabrics and some other cool stuff. I bought this fabric to do another messenger bag. Because, you know, I haven't finished the first one yet. I like biting off too much to chew. It keeps me quiet.
In one short week, I'll be waking up in Tulsa-adjacent at the Silver Needle camp. Usually 4-5 of us go, but between new babies and new dogs, we're down to two this year. I guess we're just going to have to make new friends. Or eat fried pickles all by ourselves! I'm down with that.

Here is my shopping list for camp:
  • Green Snowman kit, Shepherd's Bush
  • Red Snowman kit
  • 25 Days, SamSarah
  • and buttons, buffalo check linen, linen for ornaments
  • I Thee Wed, Blackbird
  • Herb Garden, Little House Needlework
  • May Pole, Bent Creek
  • Deep Blue Sea, Carriage House Samplings (and weaver cloth)

Fabric for

  • Curly Q Ewe, LHN
  • Flea Market Souvenir, Blackbird
  • Star Light Star Bright, Little by Little
  • Spots II, Lilybet
  • Skeleton Crew, Cricket
  • Off the Deep End, Raise the Roof
  • Lady Gray, Lilybet
And when I got home, more fabric for messenger bags from Keepsake Quilting.

So I guess the theme for the rest of April will be New Starts!


Anonymous said...

Wow! With that shopping list it's a good thing you have an early flight.


Anonymous said...

It was so great to see you today. Thanks for joining the impromptu adventure. And I love your fabric choices. Can't wait to see photos of the messenger bag.

Barbara said...

Gorgeous fabrics!

Fried pickles? I'll pass! LOL!

Adrienne said...

Mmmmm. Fried pickles. I thought they were just a southern thing but am glad they've made it to the heartland as well.

Adrienne said...

Oh -- and I love the brown/blue/yellow combo on the far right.

monique said...

Love,love that last pic of the blue (+brown & green) fabrics... what's the name of that fabric line? I'm thinking I need some of that!

Anna van Schurman said...

The one on the far right is called City Chic, but I think that's not the line. Here's the link

Jenna said...

I love all of the fabrics you've picked for bags. Now you just need to finish some. ;) I didn't know that you were going to one of the Silver Needle's camps. Enjoy your trip, have fun and come back with lots of goodies!

Lee said...

Was the quilt shop near the SN open when you were at camp the last time? I didn't get to go, but I know they purchased a lot of the camp projects' finishing fabrics there. I'll bet it's nice. I'm not enabling...I'm just sayin'.

Michelle said...

The fabric is great! I'll have to talk to you sometime about camp and all it entails (I've never been), and especially since it's RIGHT HERE I should probably make an effort sometime. I am so loving the red and green snowmen - good choice!