Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

My to-do list is getting done.
wrap boss's birthday gift (and happily she loved it!); finish-finish Sissy's (new) present; finish-finish "beer;" (decided to wrap it without finishing, but I did buy the frame); finish-finish stockings; finish-finish uncle's ornament; buy a point driver (unnecessary, see above) ; buy oranges; buy cloves; make pomanders with the kids; clean the house; buy a candle holder for Christmas candles in bathroom; call re lobster (10-12 lbs); buy tall purple pillar candle; put up second tree; buy purple paper plates; see if Home Goods has purple/orange/gold table runner (to match the napkins); paint front door, final coat (we're skipping it until spring); put up storm door; hang wreath;paint patches around door and in hallway and it looks terrific!; get rid of chair; put out all cardboard recycling; find a place/way to display Christmas cards; buy ribbon for presents; buy candle for snowman holder that is on display; pick up gifts from framer see below!; buy pierogis from ladies in Port Richmond the dude took PoppaBitch to Syrenka for kielbasa and sauerkraut while they were out there.

Make lobster stew:

Here's step one. I've had to cook it in three batches; my house smells like a seafood shanty.

Auntie's 60th birthday gift.

And Summer Place for my cousin and her husband (and their new summer place).

Now back to work on those stockings! (crack)


Sue said...

Nice the finished pieces...such nice gifts.
Have a great Christmas!

Michelle said...

Oh the framed pieces look beautiful! Congratulations on getting so much marked off your list!

C in DC said...

Lovely, lovely.