Monday, December 17, 2007

Grandmothers make Craft Cool

I think the only way they can get away with these "craft revolution" articles is if they claim craft used to be for grandmothers.

The Phoenix (where I really, really wanted to work after college) recently pulled this in an article, "She's Crafty"

The framed items look familiar enough — the quaint curlicues of cross-stitch evoke memories of your grandmother’s living-room wall, charming phrases wreathed in chains of flowers. Upon closer examination, though, these picturesque patterns bear unexpected messages: “Home Crap Home,” “Bitch Is the New Black,” “What Would Leonard Nimoy Do?”

Heck, what would Grandma say? (emphasis added)

Old Lady Count: 7

PS: Sissy had her appointment; she needs an MRI before they can go in, but the doctor was very positive. I think he even flirted with her a little. He said there were several reasons to think it wasn't cancer; one was "you'd look a lot worse." My sister said, "I know, I look fabulous, don't I?" (Then the back and forth started; I'll spare you.) The MRI is tomorrow, and he'll see her again for biopsy/removal on Thursday. We'll know the results in about a week. Of course, my boss said we could ask the pathologist who is on our editorial board to see if we can get results sooner--I think, however, a week is expedited. But it looks good.


Geggie said...

I put your package in the mail today with lots of little extras since I wasn't as timely as I hoped.

Happy Day to you!

Susan said...

Kinda makes me want to run out and pick up some traditional XS. =)

Barbara said...

Your sister sounds like a hoot, Anna!

All these dumb references to grandmothers and crafting ... am I the only one on the planet who had grandmothers who wouldn't know what a cross stitch hoop was if you placed it in their hands?

Anna van Schurman said...

My grandmothers--the both of them--wouldn't knnow a cross stitch hoop if you put it in their hands. One can craft a martini and the other has been known to make salad. But the cookie baking, knitting/crocheting, crafty grandmas they are not.

Jenna said...

None of my grandmothers are crafty, either. What a sad and untrue cliche. Doesn't it just make you want to smack them in the head?

Kim said...

My brother just sent me this link that you'll *love*,

It's from the front page of the Wall Street Jounal. I think it makes up for a couple of *grandma* references!

Michelle said...

My thoughts are with your sister - hope all goes well.