Monday, October 08, 2007

One Step Forward

Alert readers may have noticed that my sheep on Jillian's stocking was floating in mid-air. I was not so alert. When I was waiting for the dude's delayed plane, I noticed that the crook wasn't lining up properly. I searched and searched and then realized that I had put the sheep in the wrong place. I had done quite a bit of new stitching, adding the head and the arm during my WW meeting. I was thinking about how to unstitch the mistake, and thinking backwards as usual "last in, first out." It was much easier in the end to take out the rose on the dress, the yellow and black border of the dress, the shoe, and the green sawtooth design. See, I'm a frickin' genius! The design should end up being about an inch north of center, but that shouldn't make that much difference.

I didn't stitch on Sunday, I was cleaning like a mad woman. (The bedroom is so clean! I put the pile of shoes on a rack on the inside of a door and much of the furniture back into the craft room. I also apparently shed enough to make a wig--or perhaps Victorian hair art--a situation rectified by several Swiffers. I should probably be too embarrassed to tell you that...) Then I had lunch with an old friend, and we went to a panel discussion of this book. A few of us from the class of 1988 had a nice chat meandering in all sorts of directions. The next thing I knew it was 4:45 and we were going to be late to Sunday family dinner. Apparently, home is where they hold dinner for you.

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