Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Applique III

Last night we finished sewing the background and began cutting out the applique pieces. I hardly noticed time passing and before I knew it, it was time to pack up and go home. I was trying to finish cutting out my pieces, but I had to pack it in with just one branch left.

And everyone really liked the new bag that I was packing it into (on sale at Joann.com--not available in the store--with free shipping). It holds my 17x24 cutting mat and has little pockets for everything else. Perfect for class. And I can store everything in there so I can just grab it and go.

When I got home, I finished cutting and fused the pieces so next week, I am ready for the buttonhole stitch. Maybe I should make and fuse some shapes onto scraps so I can practice next week. Okay, that's my assignment for next weekend, because that's a really good idea.

The women in class continue to surprise me by being so supportive of each other. Last night, I sneezed. You have to know I have this sneeze my mother says sounds like a kitten. (I do let it all out!) Someone said, "You have such a cute and little sneeze." I said, "It's the only thing cute and little about me." Several women objected; one said, "I don't know your personality, but why would you say that about yourself?" Wow. And that's just one example.

I don't know why I feel such surprise. I went to women's college so I am very used to this compassionate behavior. I think it's this woman at work who is warping my sense of women's community. She's very anti-woman; always badmouthing someone. She makes me think of something Madeleine Albright told a group of girls at a high school she visited, "There's a special place in hell for women who don't support each other."


C in DC said...

OOOoooo. I love the bag. I may need to buy one for myself or put it on the wish list.

The Albright quote is also dead on. There are a couple of women I know who need to be reminded of that.

Barbara said...

Looooove that applique!!! And the quote ... that could be applied to about 99% of the women I've met in IT. :(

monique said...

That bag does indeed look handy. Good to hear you are having a nice experience in class... that would never happen here in unfriendly "Greater St. Louis" where people don't speak to one another unless they know them. (How they get to know them, I haven't a clue.) Nice cherries!

Coral said...

You are so right how you land up getting a warped sense of the world when you have a 'strange one' working with you.

We have one who is utterly ultra critical of everyone, but she is the one who always leaves early when the boss goes for lunch, she arrives early, but only goes to her office an hour after everyone else has come in. And she is ruining a great atmosphere singlehandedly. Poor her, as she obviously has issues.

Hmm, maybe I should blog about her, maybe not, her friend reads me!!

Michelle said...

Love your block so far! Can't wait to hear your words of wisdom on how to sew the thing on there. I so want to do that with my new machine. The bag is great - and what a great idea to haul your stuff in to class. I always have to make at least two trips to the car. Enjoy the support and compassion of your fellow women - I think most women are like this, but there are some that just aren't. Don't let that woman at work spoil your opinion of the rest of us!

xsquared said...

Love that quote. LOVE IT. I'm writing it down, definitely need to remember that one.

In other news, I love the fabrics in your quilt!

Chelle said...

Your applique is wonderful! Love the colors.