Monday, August 27, 2007

Update: Anna's Bird

The last time I showed you this, was a year ago. I know I worked on it some in March at camp, and I put it into the rotation a couple of times, though I don't think I actually worked on it until now.
Anna's Bird
Good Huswife
32-ct black linen with called for WDW and GAST

Everyone who sees this in person loves it. Even my dad, who is not known for his observational skills, told me how pretty it was. I was thinking I was going to hang this in the living room, but my mother suggested it would look nicer in the dining room. I think she has a point, but that means I have to frame it in glass...

I started outlining the scallops for two reasons. First, I am getting close to finishing this, and I want to get a clearer sense of how much is left. Second, it calls for three skeins of Tiger's Eye and I have been using just two. I want to spread it around so the last skein won't be used in just one section.


Red said...

Very pretty! I loved Goode Huswife...I wish she would return to designing again.

samplerknn said...

So you gave us the bird....;-) She looks wonderful! Love GH....and reading your blog. Quite enjoyable..
Waiting for your book....ROFL


Linda litlaskvis said...

No wonder they love it. I love how the thread pops on the dark fabric!

Thanks for the birthday wishes, I had a good one!

Michelle said...

I love this one - so glad to see her out of retirement. She is really beautiful. I slapped this one on my wish list after seeing your WIP the first time.

Aussie Stitcher said...

It is looking great, love the colors.