Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Barry Bonds Ain't Got Nothin' On Me

I think that when the Nashville-bound passengers noticed the way I stitched, the dude paid a little attention. On the plane ride home from Don't-Mess-With-Texas, he watched me carefully then asked, "how come you always get the needle in the right hole?" Besides the fact that I don't always get the needle in the right hole, I have no idea how I do what I do. So that's what I told him. (I don't know if this is how everyone does it, but I sort of use a rocking motion to get the needle into the hole before I pull the thread through. Since Michelle asked, I might try to do a video, but I'm old and technophobic.)

"Muscle memory," the dude says. "You are like the Barry Bonds of cross-stitch."

And you know, I am, right down to the steroids...but I take them so I can breathe. (And sometimes for immunosuppression.)

Speaking of baseball, my coworker and I have our tickets to the Phillies' Stitch n Pitch. Yay!

Just FYI on the flying with scissors thing: the TSA maintains a list. Scissors are the only sharps you can carry on. You still have to check the throwing stars, billy clubs, cattle prods, and lacrosse sticks. Cattle prods. Now there's an idea for getting people to stay in their damn seats!


Barbara said...

For me, the needle just knows where it needs to go and goes there. When I'm stitching two handed, though, I need to concentrate a bit more. ;)

I'm picturing this huge guy with an embroidery hoop and cross stitch project and totally cracking up at the reactions people would have!

jo said...

I checked the TSA list mostly because I was thinking about razors the other day in the shower. And because DH didn't take me up on my offer to run out and buy him a small container of shaving cream Sunday night before his Monday morning flight. Maybe he checked his bag? I'm sure I'll hear all about tomorrow night. And now I want to know if Jello even makes a container of Jello that is 3 oz. or less.

Cathy said...

We've got our tickets for the game, too. I'll keep an eye out for you there.

Michelle said...

Dang, and you know all of us Texans are wishing we could take those cattle prods on the plane. Hmm, what about spurs?