Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hummingbirds, Deer, and Rabbits, Oh My!

Last night was landscaping class again, so I'll share the bunny story: Last week, I asked about planning for the rabbits that run rampant through my neighborhood. The one guy in the class says, "you need a shotgun!" Then the teacher and he start listing the things I can use to repel rabbits: marigolds, pepper spray, liquid which point, I break in, "I was hoping I could peacefully coexist with the bunnies." The teacher sort of gets it and says that we'll go over plants that are unattractive to rabbits. Fortunately, some of them do seem to be attractive to me. I can tell shotgun-man and I are going to get on real well. As we were looking at photos of landscaping, I was writing a list called "concerns." In addition to peacefully coexisting with the rabbits, it included
  • xeriscaping
  • using organic products
  • using native plants
  • eschewing chemicals
  • working around the mulch issue (not sure I can take that up with Mr. Mulch, the teacher)

Still, I am very excited to be starting my first garden and looking really hard at ways to make it virtually carefree. (Ha!)

I'm off to camp tomorrow. Full report Monday. Now be good!


Barbara said...

My mom also 'shares' her gardens with the rabbits and the deer. Here in the suburban jungle, we have cat issues. I love your gardening ideas and I'll be very curious to hear what you've learned. I'll have to re-do our front garden this year due to some upkeep the city is doing on our street.

Coral said...

I love rabbit pie - oh, that was a by the way!!

Good for you, I love to do things the organic and peaceful way, no shotgun here either!

Michelle said...

I think you have some wonderful ideas that you want to incorporate in your landscape. And good for you for pointing out you want to coexist with the bunnies, not have them as trophies!

Jenna said...

You and I have very similar goals in landscaping. I'll be curious to see what you choose to do, as I'm just starting to re-landscape.