Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What I Ate for Lunch

Take that Margaret Mason! I so wish I could be more like Michelle and whip up a vat of something to eat for a week. I often marvel that the dude does this when I go away. I'm much more like Cheryl. Even taking 5 days of Lean Cuisines in 5 different cuisines is too much like punishment.

I'm really good about meal planning for dinner, but I always fly by the seat for lunch, so I decided to plan lunch! (It takes a PhD, friends.) Even getting a crate of clementines (like little balls of sunshine) and a giant bag of Utz's snack packs we still spent the same amount on groceries. Have I found the free lunch?

Today I brought egg salad on a hard roll (which I won't eat again for a month or two), a handful of grape tomatoes, a tiny bag of Utz's potato chips, and 2 clementines. Think of it not so much as lunch as an afternoon buffet. Look mom, two servings of fruits and vegetables! Tomorrow I plan on having a tuna salad with tomatoes and cucumbers, a bagel, and chocolate pudding. Friday is peanut butter and shredded carrots on whole wheat, chips, and 2 clementines. (I love pb and banana but you can't buy bananas when you get a crate of clementines. Not for a family of two.) On Saturday we will eat leftovers, and on Sunday we're having baked potatoes with salsa and cheese. It's stunning what changes a little bit of effort yields.

This morning I realized how badly off-center my rr is; tonight I hope to locate some little buttons that I can use to make the empty spaces seem deliberate. I should be done this project by Friday. (Did you hear that, Donna?) I'd like to get it in the mail soon so that we all have enough time to get these robins finished by camp (March 8th). You know, and not be taking the last stitches on the plane to Tulsa. Then I can get on to the next obligation piece--the Dolly Mama Kitty for my niece's birthday. Sometime in between I have to finish my Christmas cards--now New Year cards. I have about 20 left. And someday I'd like to make my new start. I deserve it!


Chelle said...

Hey you! It sounds like you're heading to Camp Wannasew in March. Have you been before or is this a first? I enjoyed checking out your list of 2006 accomplishments and goals for this year. Those sound like do-able goals to me! Happy New Year!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you've got a good start on the lunch thing. Good for you! I am so itching to start something new as well...but I have an RR on the way (I hope), that I'll have to jump on when it gets here. Can't wait to see your Dolly Mama Kitty started - too cute!