Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Highland Cows

I was over at Redwitch and saw the Highland cow bookmark she made for her s.o. I asked about the designer and she sent the pattern to me! So sweet. And, for reasons that cannot be explained it arrived here in two days (Monday was a postal holiday) whereas it took over two months for my stuff to get to the UK. (Okay, I sent it by slow boat, but that's a really, really slow boat. Couldn't I have swum there in two months?)

When the dude was a little boy, his mum tells me, he was fascinated by the Highland cow. So much so that a few years ago, she sent him a Highland Cow calendar. Don't you think he needs a Highland cow bookmark? I do. Because I see now how he developed his personal grooming philosophy.

I would have told you this all sooner, but the dude took over the computer last night. He was entering his games from his recent chess tournament. He's moved up in class since his last tourney (the World Open in Philadelphia) where he finished in the top 4% in his section. This time, at the Liberty Bell Open, he finished in the top 20%. So he's still doing well, just not as well as he'd like. So anyway, he had to tell Fritz which moves he had made so he could see what he could have done better. And since he's so cute when he's posing as a Chess Dork influenced by Highland Cows, you just have to let him have the computer...

I have been working on the Tall Flowers Sampler by day and I finally got back to the marquoir last night--good thing too because it was the 16th and part five has been released. I'm busily stitching part two and hoping for a good ice storm or blizzard so I can stay home and work on it!

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Redwitch said...

Enjoy! Those cows are mighty cute, there was one where we stayed on hols called Hamish! Sympathy with the post I'm still waiting for an order from a US ONS from before Christmas! Congrats on the chess result too and your recent Kitty finish - cute :)