Thursday, November 30, 2006

November review

How did I do this month on the goals I had set?

1. Sissy's laptop bag --no, the bag is trapped in the craft room and I'm not allowed up the stairs
2. Work on best pal's round robin --done, sent, and received
3. Start the Marquoir --yes! I have made some progress on this! I don't know if I'll ever catch up, but I think I've made reasonable progress
4. Dolly Mama Freebie Poodle --I did work on this, but I am going to have to take out the skirt and change the color
5. Elizabethan Rose--no
6. Bead the Toy Gatherer--untouched

I also managed to blog every day in November. And let me tell you I won't be doing that again. It's too hard to blog on weekends! (Actually, it's not like I'm going anywhere the next few weekends, if the soreness in my back and shoulders is any indication of what walking with crutches is like.) And people just don't read that often, if the comments are any indication. But I did it!


coral said...

I did notice that most bloggers who did post every day noticed a dearth of comments.
But I did read - promise!!

Stitchermommy said...

Me too I read your posts everyday! Love the poodle too. Where can that freebie be found?

Anna van Schurman said...

If you scroll down to the picture, the name is clickable. Takes you right to the pattern!

Gaƫlle said...

I read all the posts too, but I didn't let any comments ... Promise I will more often, your blog is really fun to read : have fun, and improve my english ! I can't ask for more !!