Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Souvenir Update

I am well-positioned to complete the Souvenir Sampler by the end of the month in time to ship it to the framer for an April 29 presentation. I just have to put some leaves on the bottom border and do a little stitching near the "N," "S," and "Y." I think for the dedication I will write something like "Stitched by me for my parents' Ruby Anniversary" if that would fit in the space below the "Y."

When I was at the Silver Needle, I picked up a bunch of silver charms. I got a Mom heart and a Dad heart. Those will go by the "M" and "D." I got a pair of flip flops that will go near the sandcastle. I got an engagement ring that will go next to the "W." I got a pair of stork scissors (they really open and close), a seven sisters quilt block, and a swirly Christmas tree. I spent a fortune, so I am going to get buttons to put in the floral borders. I have ordered a couple of horse charms from an online source (for the space near the "H" since my father owns a share of some racehorses). These charms were about half the price that charms sell for in needlework stores, so I am anxious to see the quality. If it's good, I'll let you know where I ordered from. I bought two horses from one place and from another, I got a spider and a heart in hand. The latter are for old JCS ornaments--a Lizzie*Kate and a HIHN. You know, while I had the credit card out anyway.

I'm nearing a finish on the PS fishing Santa too. But I won't finish either of these tonight. Tonight, I stamp.

Happy Spring!

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Lelia said...

This is so nice. Won't your parents be thrilled!! Job well done.