Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Look at Meme

I saw this ages ago on someone else's blog--one I don't read regularly so I can't remember where it's from. The deal is you do an image google for a variety of topics.

Where I grew up.

Amherst, NH. This is a picture of the center of town, "The Village," not my house.

Where I live now.

I live in my cousin's basement in a Toll Brother's development. Yup, it really looks like this.

First car:

That bitch was old when I got her. We used to call her Regan, as in King Lear. My favorite part was when the heater blew fish-scented air in the middle of a NH winter. That was some choice we were left with...

Favorite drink:

Favorite food:

Favorite Song:

Who knew BNL ripped it off... :)

Favorite Place:

Megan's Bay. (The ocean, generally.)

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