Monday, May 02, 2005

May Goals

Last month, I was able to finish three of my four goals.
1. Complete ornament 4 RR
2. Complete Heart in Hand Wee Ones RR
3. Complete Williamsburg Doorway

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to bring myself to work on Sissy's poncho. And now I read in People that ponchos are out. It was in People, so it must be true.

For May, I will endeavor to work on different projects for a week each, rather than working ten hours on each, since it's become more difficult for me to gauge the amount of time I spend on my projects.
Week 1: Wannasew project and round robins
Week 2: poncho
Week 3: Anne, Petite Bergere
Week 4: Toy Gatherer
Week 5: round robins

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