Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Round Up

This is what I set out to do this month:
  • birth band sampler, 10 hours -- I did do a few hours, probably about 7.
  • Freebie rr --this is complete and ready to be sent.
  • sissy's poncho --I've had to unstitch some of this. I haven't gotten back to it.
  • auntie's afghan, 10 hours --I've decided that this is a gift for next Christmas. Now I have to think of a good birthday present for her.
  • auntie's booga bag, complete --I ran out of hot pink, I just have to make the i-cord.
  • auntie 2's shawl --this honor is being passed to my cousin.
  • granny's scarf--well and truly done, done, done!

I would like to point out that I do have a few more hours left in November. Ha! As if.

For December
  • Make Christmas cards (doing that this w/e with Sissy)
  • Finish and send Heart in Hand Wee Ones RR
  • Finish and send Sisters and Best Friends RR
  • Finish and send Ornament RR
  • Make a scarf for the dude's co-worker by 12/14
  • Finish Sissy's poncho by 12/24
  • Finish auntie's booga bag by 12/24
  • Possibly make a scrapbook about my uncle's fishing prowess--my aunt just gave me the pictures and clippings on Thanksgiving, so they're not expecting it. We'll see.
  • Make a capelet or shawl to wear on 12/24. I might just wear all black and wrap the yarn around myself.
  • Make a scarf for neighbor
What I really, really have to finish right now is a letter of recommendation for a delightful young woman who wants to go to graduate school and make the world a better place. Good thing too...it needs it.

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