Wednesday, March 24, 2004


I'll admit I haven't been working on the afghan--and with only days to go! Instead, I've been working on a zine. It's called "The Stitchy and Crafty Show." With all props to Matt Groening. My husband didn't like either "Crafty Bitch" or "Stitch Bitch" or "Stitchy" (I was going to give props to Jen). He said I should have more self esteem than to call myself a bitch, but he doesn't realize I like it...

So I stitched a cover, and I've got to chart one design and make another. Then it will be a very small zine (8 pages) that I might distribute if people are interested. It's really a work project. Since we had that zine making workshop, I wanted to show scans of people's projects in the newsletter. So, now I have to make it!

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