Friday, January 09, 2004

stitching resolutions

I've never made a public resolution. Lots of private moments of saying, "oh, I have got to lose weight," but none where I've said anything to anyone else. This year I did. I've resolved to keep in touch with friends and family better. It's kind of sad when you only talk to your friends once a year when you see them. (I'm a phone phobe.)

Obviously the big stitching resolution is going to be finish the afghan on time (4/4). Next, I am going to go through the UFOs and make a serious effort to finish them. I'll put up a rotation schedule on Monday--but remember nothing gets started until the afghan is finished (I'm so one note). I'm also going to get rid of the projects I don't care to finish and to sell off the patterns I'll never do. (I have to do it now that I've said it, don't I?)

Working Backwards
Christmas: For the first time, I made a list of all the patterns I'd like to have and gave it to my family. Who knew they'd go to such lengths to get them all for me! Christmas was a load of fun. My sister and cousin must have spent some serious time in the LNS--places neither of them frequent. Again, list to follow. Too bad I blog from work (superior computer power) and all the stitching stuff's at home.

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