Thursday, October 02, 2003

Why do I have to title everything?

I think the bloom is off the rose. I think about writing here, but then I am so bored with stitching the afghan that talk about stitching just makes me anxious that I am falling further and further behind. I took my own advice and started the Gladiolus-Freesia. I'm not sure why she hyphenated this one; it's definitely two flowers, although in the picture you really can't tell the difference. Maybe she drew one and people thought it looked like the other. At any rate, I've made a mistake already and I can't find it. I'm only working with three shades of green so far, all very close, so at some points, it's really difficult to tell what the fuck I've done. It is way too soon for me to feel this way about a project.

Do you get that? You get to the point in a project and you hate it? I have two: a wedding sampler I did for my cousin and a rooster I was doing for my mother. On the wedding sampler, a bride and groom are surrounded by bushes and trees. There must have been about 40 different greens including blended needles in that one. I thought my head would explode. That's where we came up with Stitch n' Bitch which was going to be the name of our store before the knitters came along and adopted it for their gatherings. Whenever I'd take out the sampler, everyone would say, "here comes the stitch n' bitch." The other project, although a rooster, got to be known as the frickin' chicken. In that one, I started from two sides and it didn't meet in the middle. Trying to figure out which parts to "just skip" and still make the frickin' chicken look like a rooster was a right bitch. And then my mother went and changed her dining room so the rooster doesn't match it any more. She does have chickens in the kitchen, so someday it might get done. I probably have less than ten hours left on that. I should just do it.

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